Call for Papers
PRMVIA consists of three tracks:

1.Pattern Recognition
2.Machine Vision
3.Intelligent Algorithms
Pattern Recognition

Face Recognition
Information Hiding
Medical Image Processing Technology
Emotional Pattern Recognition and Modeling Research
Personal Identification Verification Based on Multi-biometrics
Text Cognition and Understanding in Natural Environments
Statistical Pattern Recognition
Structural Pattern Recognition
Fuzzy Pattern Recognition
Artificial Neural Network Pattern Recognition
Automatic Detection
Image Analysis and Processing
Character Recognition
Speech Recognition
Fingerprint Recognition
Feature Extraction and Selection
Bayesian Decision Theory
Linear Discriminant Function
Clustering Methods
Artificial Neural Networks
Support Vector Machines
Machine Vision

Image and Video
Image Processing
Image Classification
Target Detection and Segmentation
Super-resolution Image Reconstruction
Image Recovery and Enhancement
Image Q&A and Description
Image and Video Retrieva
Video Content Analysis
Visual Target Tracking
Graph Neural Network
Generative Adversarial Network
AutoML & NAS
Network Compression & Lightweighting
Binocular Vision and Multi Vision
Multi-source Fusion Vision
Medical Image Analysis
Remote Sensing & Aerial Image Analysis
Intelligent Unmanned VehiclesSLAM & Robotics
3D Point Cloud & 3D Reconstruction 
Human-body Technology Related
Face Technology Related
Intelligent Algorithms

Evolutionary Computation and Learning
Genetic Algorithms
Particle Swarm Optimization and Niche Technoogy
Swarm Intelligence and Optimization
Expert Systems
Natural Computation
Quantum ComputingNeural Networks
Nature-inspired Computation and Optimization
Fuzzy Theory and Algorithm
Pervasive Computing Machine Learning
Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining 
Natural Language Processing 
Computational Linguistics
Intelligent Computing in Robotics 
Intelligent Computing in Computer Vision 
Intelligent Computing in Communication Networks
Intelligent Data Fusion 
Intelligent Data Analysis and Prediction 
Intelligent Agents & Web Applications
Intelligent Fault Diagnosis 
Perceptual Algorithm