Paper Submission Requirements:
  • All submitted papers shall be originally created by the author and cannot be submitted for review anywhere else;
  • The author should use the correct template, which means the format of the paper shall be correct; Word/Latex
  • The paper shall be at least 4 pages. If a paper is too long or too short, the paper will be subjected to second review;
  • The submission must have clear arguments and rigorous logic; refined text and reliable data; fluent and refined language, correct use of punctuation, and no typos; 
  • If you have any problem about submitting a paper, you may contact us anytime.
  • All submissions, include video files and other materials, shall be subject to the same deadline.   
  • If you intend to submit articles or have any problem, you may contact us at

Review Requirements
The paper shall be reviewed in a single-blind method, and each paper shall be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers. The reviewers often review the papers from the following aspects:
Scope: Does the article align with the focus of this publication? 
Novelty: Does this material offer a unique perspective not found in previous publications? 
Validity: Has the study been well designed and well executed? 
Data: Have the data been accurately reported, analyzed, and interpreted? 
Clarity: Are the ideas communicated in a clear, concise, and logical manner? 
Compliance: Have all ethical guidelines and requirements been adhered to? 
Advancement: Does this work make a noteworthy contribution to the field? 
Language: Is the article written in clear, concise language?

For papers that are accepted, the reviewers shall also give suggestions for the authors to improve, such as whether the structure is full enough, and whether the language shall be revised. We will deliver the peer-reviewed submissions to guest editors. Authors will be given certain time to consider and refute the reviewer’s decision. We will answer all the refutes, however, the decision finally rests with the program chair.

No Show Policy
If the accepted paper author does not attend and present at PRMVIA, his/her manuscript will be regarded as a No-Show paper and will not be published.
For further information on preparing or submitting a contribution, please feel free to contact us.

Registration is open until May 12, 2024 .

At least one author of each accepted paper shall register for the conference.

Registration Fee
Regular               3600 CNY / 510 USD
Student               3400 CNY / 480 USD
Attend Only       1500 CNY / 215 USD
Extra Pages        300 CNY / 43 USD
(exceed 5 pages)        

Refund policy
All refund requests must be made via email. All cancellations will be subject to a $40 cancellation fee before May 12, 2024 .  NO REFUNDS will be made after May 12, 2024

Privacy Policy
We fully understand the importance of personal information and privacy to you, and as for the personal information we collect on this website, we will provide sufficient protection for the security of your personal information and privacy in accordance with legal requirements and industry practices.